Gorgeous 14k Rose Gold Stack  Ring.... crafted with a very Unique Natural Australian Solid Black Boulder Opal . It's a huge 3,87ct and It has so much life. You'll find amazing bright flashes of deep Blue, Orange and Red with a slightly touch of Green on one side of this beast. It's handmade onto 14k Rose Gold bezel set ring with a hammered texture frill. It's a Stack ring with two more beautiful flat rings  (1x1) that you can use separetly and the focal Opal ring is (2x1). •Stone is approx 14mm x 10mm•Sits approx  5mm high of finger•Size 13 // 6-6.5 USA

*Opal is made of a combination of water and silica (SIO2.nH2O)*The Sparkle and glitter in Opals is known as "Play of Colour" and is caused by interference and diffraction of light passing through tiny silica spheres.*Opals form from the silica that Is created from water seeping through sandstone. The silica then flows into cracks and voids un rocks.*Forty meters below a thickness of one centimetre of Opal has been estimated to take 5 million years to form and approx 1 to 2 million years after, It has been said to solidify due to climate change*The myth that Opals are unlucky comes from the novel "Anne of Geierstein

* Opals can look very different in sunlight than what It does in shade or under artificial lighting and also looks different depending on the angle on which you view It. Generally , Opals requieres direct sunlight to look it's Best. I've done my Best to display a variety of images with the ítem being sold in different types of light and on different angles to vive a proper overview of the Gemstone. All Pics taken outside in direct and indirect full Sun and and on the Shade.

* Boulder Opal is very Unique Gemstone as it's found only un Queensland, Australia.
This type of Opal is often embedded in large hard boulders. The Opal forms inside thin fissures and cracks on the rock and is generally  quite thin which is why the host stone is left on the back of the Opal. Due to their dark backing these Opals have a dark body tone and tend yo be very vibrant.

*I Don't work with  doublets either triplets, Only •Genuine Natural Boulder & Black Australian Opals•

"All my jewelry comes beautifully gift boxed or beautiful bags. All of my jewelry is made by me ,handmade and with care and love. All the metals I work with are from the States and environmental friendly, nickel, lead and cadmium free!. Lets visit some more on Facebook & IG, Id love to be your friend!•Size



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