Welcome to Ms Friesch®

Welcome to Ms Friesch®!

I’m Romy Friesch, half German-half Spanish woman, and the heart of Ms Friesch.

I’m wanna tell you a little bit of me and how this journey began..I’m a Geologist,

Gemmologist( IGE, FGA, FEEG ), GIA Jewelry Designer, Diamond Specialist,

Color Stones Specialist, Pearl Specialist, Metalsmith and Cabochon Lapidary.


It all began in the University where I was studying Mineralogy, that was when I realized I wanted to make jewelry and gems became not only my passion, but my life.

After I got all my studies finished I was ready to work for some of the best High End Jewelry Brands like; Rolex, Bvlgari, Baccarat, Tiffany & Co…..One and a half years ago I decided to start my own small business making handmade jewelry, I purchase all my gemstones in origin getting the very best Natural ones I can.

For me life is a wide range of colors, including amalgams that I always want to  transmit in each and everyone of my jewels. I love sitting in my Atelier in front of the gems that I’ve acquired and start positioning them mentally in my 3D composition. After many hours, sometimes even days, I study and visualize the precise position of each piece of the puzzle giving each one it’s definitive place to ultimately create a new “life” full of color and joy. That’s the felling that I wish all you have when  acquired and wear my jewelry.

I love working and experimenting with different material such as metals, threads,leather, rubber, gems, crystals…there are no limits, same as Nature itself which is a great source of my inspiration. 


This passion that I have choosen as my work, is really more a way of life that includes different facets such as creating, photographing,  marketing, publishing, selling…. All made by me, I ‘m a warrior woman and find myself most comfortable creating jewelry with love. That’s my way of communicating with my customers, with each of my jewels I’m transmiting something, a feeling in short.  I also love taking pictures of my jewelry in which all details must be perfectly in their place. When photographed outside I care about wind, sun and all surrounding elements, there is a lot of work behind each post. I love Nature, love trekking, running… all my pictures and videos on IG, Facebook, Pinterest, use only what Nature has to offer us like a tiny branch to hang earrings, stones to lay bracelets on, pinecones for visual effect,whatever surrounds me is my best display.

I want You to be part of my jewelry family and friends, are you ready??

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Ms Friesch


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