Welcome to Ms Friesch®

Welcome to Ms Friesch®!

I’m Romy Friesch and the heart of Ms Friesch.

I’m wanna tell you a little bit of me and how this journey began..I’m a Geologist,

Gemmologist( IGE, FGA, FEEG ), GIA Jewelry Designer, Diamond Specialist,

Color Stones Specialist, Pearl Specialist, Metalsmith and Cabochon Lapidary.


It all began in the University where I was studying Mineralogy, that was when I realized I wanted to make jewelry and gems became not only my passion, but my life.

After I got all my studies finished I was ready to work for some of the best High End Jewelry Brands like; Rolex, Bvlgari, Baccarat, Tiffany & Co…..One and a half years ago I decided to start my own small business making handmade jewelry, I purchase all my gemstones in origin getting the very best Natural ones I can.

For me life is a wide range of colors, including amalgams that I always want to  transmit in each and everyone of my jewels. I love sitting in my Atelier in front of the gems that I’ve acquired and start positioning them mentally in my 3D composition. After many hours, sometimes even days, I study and visualize the precise position of each piece of the puzzle giving each one it’s definitive place to ultimately create a new “life” full of color and joy. That’s the felling that I wish all you have when  acquired and wear my jewelry.

I love working and experimenting with different material such as metals, threads,leather, rubber, gems, crystals…there are no limits, same as Nature itself which is a great source of my inspiration. 


This passion that I have choosen as my work, is really more a way of life that includes different facets such as creating, photographing,  marketing, publishing, selling…. All made by me, I ‘m a warrior woman and find myself most comfortable creating jewelry with love. That’s my way of communicating with my customers, with each of my jewels I’m transmiting something, a feeling in short.  I also love taking pictures of my jewelry in which all details must be perfectly in their place. When photographed outside I care about wind, sun and all surrounding elements, there is a lot of work behind each post. I love Nature, love trekking, running… all my pictures and videos on IG, Facebook, Pinterest, use only what Nature has to offer us like a tiny branch to hang earrings, stones to lay bracelets on, pinecones for visual effect,whatever surrounds me is my best display.

I'm a kinda perfectionist in my work so I always try to make good jewelry with a clean work using good quality materials and lot of love in every single jewels. I want to do it right, so please let me know if you have any query, doubt or issue please contact me!


Thank you for reading and stoping by my Shop, enjoy Shopping!